My Desire to Be of Service to Those in Need of the Healing Power of Music through Song, Harp and Guitar


Catherine Garvin Certified Clinical Musician

What's important to me about sound healing through song, harp and guitar, why it's important and how I may serve those in need of the healing power music are ongoing questions I face each and everyday. 

My passion and commitment to a practice to love myself the way I am, be willing to learn and grow as expressed by Louise Hay her in book, "You Can Heal Your Life," expands as I experience feeling good with the release of pain and suffering through music.

It feels like a gentle ocean wave, a Fibonacci spiral, a song unending in each breath I experience, an inner silence of clarity, calm and courage to face my fears, and take positive risk for change. Simply stated it's about my desire to love and be loved. At its very best the feeling is joyful, blissful and contagious. True love grows love and the desire within me to love never fades or grows old. The breath becomes calm, soothing and relaxed, the feeling is divine.

When did this all begin for me? I suppose it began when the pain in my body, mind, heart and soul became unbearable. 

I had to reach deep down inside myself and cry for help. A primal scream to the divine within me. Was it a silence cry, a whispered prayer, or something beyond my conscious knowing?  I don't know for certain. 

So many questions swirl around in my head about my desire to contribute to peace through Hung Song sound healing, harp, song and guitar its a challenge to recall exactly when I understood my quest to heal suffering, release pain and support happiness. 

The feeling feels like infinity forever and ever. 

I know whole heartedly now when I first discovered the possibility I could experience healing through music, it was an awakening to both the quest and answer simultaneously together.  

My awareness now is of the feelings of love, grace and gratitude deep inside and surrounding me. I am humbled and happy. Each day a new obstacle or challenge presents itself and I practice. 

By way of the smallest method, childlike, I understood then and understand now the importance of the harmonics of joy through sound.  Practice each and everyday a little bit. Tiny drops of consciously loving through music. 

Dear reader, I invite you to my musical story and please do not hesitate to let me know how I may be of service to you in song, harp and guitar. 

It is my deepest desire to contribute to Peace through music, a hope, dream and wish for you and me both to experience the many blessings of musical joy and happiness.  


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