Bedside Song Sound Healing Services Menu

 Bedside Song Sound Healing Services Menu 

Catherine Garvin

Therapeutic Musician and Sound Healer

Certified Hospice End of Life Music Care Provider

(Voice, Harp and Guitar)

Therapeutic Sound Healing and Music Services for Everyone

18 minute sound healing session for $90.00 

(Minimum 2 hours which includes door-to-door transportation, setup and breakdown)

  • Includes live harp, voice and guitar sound healing session
  • Complimentary (18 minute) pre-music sound healing assessment survey for self-love and care practices to review self-directed health goals for feeling good and having fun. 
  • This review includes recommendations and resources such as books, videos and other artful activities to support, encourage and deepen one’s empowered ability to feel the gift of unconditional love, resolve internal conflict, build trust and increase intimacy. 

Live Community Concerts, Memorials, Vigils, Funerals

54 minutes of harp, voice and guitar $99.00 

(Minimum of 2 hours which includes transportation door-to-door, time for setup and break down)

Hospice and End of Life Care 

Bedside Harp, Voice & Guitar Sessions (Donations accepted)

Servicing those who are assessed to need the healing power of music in hospice, bedside hospital, assisted living facility and other home care locations. 54 minutes of harp, voice and guitar are available for a donation offering towards Bedside Song healing music services.

Contact Information: and Facebook @BedsideSong

I appreciate the privilege this opportunity presents to be of service through the artful joy of music, let's connect soon and experience feeling good though sound healing. 

Thank you with all my heart, Catherine aka Greta


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