Welcome to Bedside Song

Hello and welcome to Bedside Song. 

On this blog I write about my sound healing practice and therapeutic music. My harp, song and guitar music practice is based on ancient and timeless sound healing methods. 

Every waking day I do my best to cultivate ways to be artfully present to the quiet, calm and soothe effects of music. 

I invite you to join me. 

Therapeutic music is a service I provide to those living with chronic pain, suffering life threatening health issues, and who are assessed to need physical, emotional, mental and sacred serenity during stressful life events. 

Most of the patients I service are in hospice, hospitals or assisted care facilities. What's important to me right now is to open up my music service to anyone in need no matter what the circumstances. 

Many who appreciate and benefit from this music say they experience a lightness of being and choice moments of joy. Stayed tuned because more about the music I provide will be coming soon... 

Thank you, thank you, thank you with all my heart for stopping by to listen, learn and feel good. 


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