My Desire to Be of Service to Those in Need of the Healing Power of Music through Song, Harp and Guitar

  Catherine Garvin Therapeutic Musician What's important to me about sound healing through song, harp and guitar, why it's important and how I may serve those in need of the healing power music are ongoing questions I face each and everyday.  My passion and commitment to a practice to love myself the way I am, be willing to learn and grow as expressed by Louise Hay her in book, " You Can Heal Your Life ," expands as I experience feeling good with the release of pain and suffering through music. It feels like a gentle ocean wave, a Fibonacci spiral, a song unending in each breath I experience, an inner silence of clarity, calm and courage to face my fears, and take positive risk for change. Simply stated it's about my desire to love and be loved. At its very best the feeling is joyful, blissful and contagious. True love grows love and the desire within me to love never fades or grows old. The breath becomes calm, soothing and relaxed, the feeling is divine. When

Music as a Self-Love and Care Practice: Healing the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Sacred Self through Harp and Song

FH34 Walnut Dusty Strings Harp Once not so long ago I believed I understood the true meaning of self-love and care. Only over time and lots of practice did I awake to the truth I was once naive about what real self-love felt like and how it impacted my daily routines, emotions, mental health, personal and professional  relationships, my family, friends and my own a true sense of self worth. When I awoke to this realization, I became aware I had been a pretender just doing my best to get by because I didn't know anything different. I thought I was loving and caring of myself, until I encountered the real truth.  Real empowerment as a self-love and care practice began for me in an authentic way during a women’s empowerment group session for survivors of domestic violence, rape, incest, physical, emotional and mental abuse.  The group leader and one of my mentors spelled out for me and the group what is real unconditional love, self-worth, internal intimacy vs. conditional love, self-

Bedside Song Sound Healing Services Menu

  Bedside Song   Sound Healing Services Menu   Catherine Garvin Therapeutic Musician and Sound Healer Certified Hospice End of Life Music Care Provider (Voice, Harp and Guitar) Therapeutic Sound Healing and Music Services for Everyone 18 minute sound healing session for  $90.00  (Minimum 2 hours which includes door-to-door transportation, setup and breakdown) Includes live harp, voice and guitar sound healing session Complimentary (18 minute) pre-music sound healing assessment survey for self-love and care practices to review self-directed health goals for feeling good and having fun.  This review includes recommendations and resources such as books, videos and other artful activities to support, encourage and deepen one’s empowered ability to feel the gift of unconditional love, resolve internal conflict, build trust and increase intimacy.  Live Community Concerts, Memorials, Vigils, Funerals 54 minutes of harp, voice and guitar  $99.00  (Minimum of 2 hours which includes

Welcome to Bedside Song

Hello and welcome to Bedside Song.  On this blog I write about my sound healing practice and therapeutic music.  My harp, song and guitar music practice is based on ancient and timeless sound healing methods.  Every waking day I do my best to cultivate ways to be artfully present to the quiet, calm and soothe effects of music.  I invite you to join me.  Therapeutic music is a service I provide to those living with chronic pain, suffering life threatening health issues, and who are assessed to need physical, emotional, mental and sacred serenity during stressful life events.  Most of the patients I service are in hospice, hospitals or assisted care facilities.  What's important to me right now is to open up my music service to anyone in need no matter what the circumstances.  Many who appreciate and benefit from this music say they experience a lightness of being and choice moments of joy. Stayed tuned because m ore about the music I provide will be coming soon...  Thank you, thank